The Hows and Whys and What to Dos

license suspensionThere are any number of circumstances that could result in someone losing their driving license. The most obvious is for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but did you know you could have your license suspended if negligent in paying child support? Another sure fire way is if your traffic violations have hit the roof, and they outweigh judicial tolerance. You will get a notice to appear before a judge, and your license will be suspended. Since a court can’t take away your right to livelihood, there are different types of suspensions, some more restrictive than others. Some complete and some partial.

If your license has been suspended because you were involved in another crime, you have to wait until your time, fine, probation or parole has been served. In an earlier period in my life I opened transitional homes designed specifically for men newly released from prison. These men were still on probation. In some states it’s referred to as parole. Each house had to meet a certain criteria, and it had to be within an ½ mile of public transportation. Newly released detainees were not given the privilege of driving until they had served their entire sentence. When their time was completed they could then begin the process of getting their license reinstated.

If life gets by you, or you simply prefer to ignore the unpleasant side of things, and you have neglected to pay a fine for a traffic citation, you can get your license suspended. It’s a mess, but not the end of your time on the road. Once your fines are paid in full your license is no longer suspended and you can drive again immediately. It will show up on your driving record, but cannot be held against you in a court of law. Needless to say, it’s best not to let things get to this point.

driving_while_suspendedDriving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a shoe-in for getting your license suspended. Most States have zero tolerance for driving while drunk. If overly intoxicated you will be the guests of your local police cruiser and taken to jail. Your car will be impounded and a court date will be set at which time the details of your DUI will determine the length of the suspension. The standard operating procedure requires that all fines be paid up front, all community service fulfilled and all jail time served. Then you are free to apply to get your license back. You’ll have to schedule a hearing to go in front of a judge. It doesn’t quite end there. You still may have to pay a restoration fee.

I suppose only those who have had direct contact with this next misfortune know that you can get your license suspended for many reasons including not paying child support. If you are in arrears of skipping child support for six months or more the court has the right to take away your drivers license. You might ask then how can I get to a job to make money to pay the past support? A partial suspension may be ordered where the individual is legal to drive only to and from his or her place of employment. Once the child support is paid in full the offender will get automatic notification the their license has been restored to full capacity. If you don’t get an automatic notice then you will need to contact the family division of the court and schedule a hearing along with paying a filing fee. Once both of these activities are complete your license will be reinstated.

Going through the suspension and restoration of your drivers license is a miserable consequence of some bad choices. Everyone hits bumps on the road of life, but we are all in positions of choice. Most people never have to deal with being on the wrong side of the Law, but when you find yourself up against it, get good representation. Find out the best avenues to take – and take them responsibility.