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License suspended or revokedEach State within the US has different laws regarding suspending drivers licenses, but generally they cover the same basics. For example, in Alabama you may not get your driver’s license suspended for non-payment of child support, but in California you will.

The laws vary state to state, but not to a great extent. If you tally up all motor vehicle laws from all the US States, there are approximately 50 ways to get your license suspended. It’s a wonder more licenses aren’t suspended. It’s important to point out the difference between getting your license suspended and having your license revoked. With a suspension there is a start date and end date.

You are restricted to a period of time when you would be illegal to drive a motor vehicle. If caught driving even an ATV or snowmobile you suffer the same consequences as driving a car, truck, motorcycle or any other road worthy vehicle. Even if you’re working for something like Hamilton plumbing company, driving their company vehicles to service clients, you are still responsible for your own drivers licence. At the end of the time appointed, you likely will go before a judge and have your permit reinstated. If revoked, however, this could set your life into turmoil since your license is taken away permanently.


History Of The DMV

California DMVWhen the “horseless carriage” became more common place it was clear that the State would need to make set-up roadway standards for this exciting new invention. Motorized vehicles were becoming ubiquitous, and it was important that regulations be put in place as to who was qualified to drive an automobile, and under what circumstances.

Other concerns regarded care and the building of our roadway system. Building and keeping the roads and bridges in good repair, having a fast acting emergency towing service, street lamps lit and fences mended to prevent livestock from wandering onto the road, initially all came under the Motor Vehicle Department’s jurisdiction. The growing infrastructure of repair and maintenance was later moved to the Division of Public Works and then later the DOT, the Department of Transportation.