This may not be a subject we think much about, and not likely a topic we gravitate to in a blog post. But read on . . . At Suspended Driving Licenses you’ll find articles illustrating the back story of the persons and families who have been on both sides of the suspended driving license fence. Stories of the tales and trials of those inside and outside the law.

I write about the heroics of police officers who are on the front line and initially encountered someone who eventually has their license revoked. The story of the cop who approaches a suspicious vehicle not knowing what could happen in the next minute. Their bravery and courage in dealing with the unknown. I report on the fast speed chases that put so many lives in danger, and at the least, end in a suspended license.

Then we have heard of, or witnessed the flip side of the coin. Suspended Driving Licenses articles may report on the injustice that is sometimes force fed a citizen by law enforcement due to prejudice or a pre-existing notion. Suspended Driving Licenses is also about awareness of the laws, and how they differ from State to State. When it comes to how and why a driver can have his or her license suspended it can sometimes comes down to a very simple act and other cases, it’s not so black and white.

I write about whether the laws are covering our needs effectively and how folks think they should be changed? There are many tragic stories to report, but there are equally many heartwarming incidents that have come out of the tragedies. The organization MADD was founded by a mother who’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver. The perpetrator should have had his license suspended long before the incident ever occurred. The number of lives that have undoubtedly been saved as a result of the loss of one precious child is bittersweet.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles posted on this site. I love to hear from my readership, so please don’t be strangers and feel free to leave comments below each article.